The Menu

The Menu new york, we love new york The Menu new york, we love new york The Menu new york, we love new york

The menu will be constantly changing - with no fixed menu, the chef-chosen daily specials will be seasonal, reflecting Malta’s incredible fresh produce all year round. The taste of Malta will be given to you on your plate, daily. The open kitchen at the end of the restaurant will also provide guests with a direct look into the kitchen as the chefs work, with the Maltese style flooring bringing everything together for a beautiful Mediterreanean ambiance.

With a distinct relaxed atmosphere and elegant, airy decor, it is the perfect restaurant venue to enjoy dinner with friends and family, or have a tasty working lunch with colleagues. Our renowned chefs have developed an à la carte dinner menu that combines classical cuisine with contemporary taste. Breakfast is served between 7am and 10.30 and can be enjoyed within the dining area or under the morning sky in our courtyard. If sublime food in a beautiful setting is what you are looking for, you’ve found it. 

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